• About My Father's Business
    About My Father's Business is a book that provides practical ideas on how a Christian can pursue life's three vital relationships while on the job: a relationship with God, with other Christians, and with non-believers. And surprisingly, it's not as hard as we think! Successful businessman and entrepreneur Regi Campbell shares the approach that he's developed and lays out a process that will help you find true meaning at work.
  • Crossroads Career Network
    Crossroads Career Network offers an online resource combined with on-the-ground help for people to find jobs, careers and God’s calling. It features a 6-step process in a free 80-page “Maximize Your Career“ workbook. The network itself is a Christ-centered community of 100+ churches, ministries, schools, colleges, coaches, counselors, consultants and chaplains in 20+ states across the country.
  • CRU Atlanta
    Our aspiration is for men and women to have a dynamic and fresh relationship with God - to see how their faith really works day to day, to see the relevance of the Bible, to their lives and to those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe this will create and fuel positive change in their community, in their city, and around the world. As individual lives are changed by the Lord, families, neighborhoods, and cities will be transformed in a positive fashion.
  • InStep International
    InStep operates as a faith based non-profit ministry in Atlanta, Georgia with a strategic international influence. Our purpose is to partner with like-minded organizations and link resources that help others identify and fulfill their life purpose.
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