• About My Father’s Business, Regi Campbell
    This book tells us how. About My Father's Business offers proven methodology for becoming a spiritual leader at work, regardless of position or title. Regi Campbell has more than twenty years experience learning and implementing these strategies in companies small and large. With refreshing transparency, he shares his struggles to save his marriage, build his career, and pursue his mission to have influence for Jesus Christ with coworkers.
  • God Owns My Business, Stanley Tam
    When asked, of all your accomplishments in your lifetime, your great family, your sincere respect within your church, your giving of over one million dollars per year to the church’s work, and several successful businesses, what is life’s greatest riches? “That’s easy,” replies Tam without a pause. “It’s something that won’t cost you a dime, yet it can give you eternal life.” Tam shares his incredible story in detail in his autobiography “God Owns My Business”.
  • In His Steps, Charles M. Sheldon
    IN HIS STEPS, by Charles M. Sheldon, is without a doubt, the most heartwarming tale of redemption, honor, and love. It asks the very interesting question, "What would Jesus do?". Well, that's a very intriguing concept! What WOULD Jesus do?
  • Love Works, Joel Manby
    Joel recounts his triumphs and failures and shares the lessons he’s learned to harness the meaning of love, the verb, to enjoy a deeply satisfying work life.
  • Putting God To Work, Scott MacLellan
    So you don’t need to park your faith at the door when you go to work. God means business. Discover the true success that comes from living and working as he wants you to live.
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